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    Default Grey Market hard disks won't be replaced by ebuyer!

    I bought a laptop hard disk only a few months ago from ebuyer. The drive was a samsung and nothing special or different from buying from any other supplier.

    After a number of months, the drive developed errors. I contacted ebuyer who asked me to contact samsung directly for support. When I did, Samsung told me that they could not provide support the drive as it was bought out with Europe.

    I contacted ebuyer who again directed me to Samsung....this happened a few times until ebuyer agreed to return the drive. I expected that shortly I would be presented with a replacement drive...

    I have returned many drives before to the vendor. When this happens, the vendor will take a drive from stock and replace it for the customer. I expected the same from ebuyer.

    After a few days I got a message stating that the drive was out of stock and I had received a refund. Ebuyer prices for similar drives are now 100% more due to the crisis in Thailand due to the floods there.

    Had ebuyer supplied a European supported drive then I would have had my replacement drive weeks ago and not paid a penny more.

    To add insult to injury, the refund they provided is less DEPRECIATION ( 26 rather than 32 quid)....even though the price has gone up!

    More to the point, they will probably return it to the region where they bought it and have Samsung replace it.

    I asked ebuyer to return the faulty drive to me but it has been 'disposed' of

    Having used ebuyer since about 2003ish I won't be using them again and I suggest you don't either.

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    Yea they gone all silly after the floods in Thai, first they set mega price for their drives, now they refuse to replace drives saying send them back to the manufacture yourself, I don't like them anymore, especially with *****, ***** and ***** doing much better prices now.
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    No, I couldn't return it to the manufacturer directly as they had bought then elsewhere ( probably Asia) then imported them to the UK.

    Therefore comparing prices between suppliers is not reflective of the true cost as you don't get the same manufacturer provided warranty when buying from ebuyer.

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    They did that to me with a motherboard - that I had installed an oem XP on ( both bought from them, I told them that )- grrrrr. I was lucky I was able to get another copy of the motherboard and the the oem XP didnt complain. Very THOUGHTLESS of Ebuyer not to consider that possibility and offer to send it back to Asus to get repaired. Lazy I think.



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