Hi all

I've just upgraded my machine with an Asus M4A78LT-M LE motherboard and an Athlon 250 CPU. These were an upgrade on a barebones system based around an Asus A8R-MX DP motherboard.

The old system used to control fans speeds very well, only upping them when the motherboard or CPU got too hot (the AMD cool 'n quiet thing). For some reason I can't get the new arrangement to do this, I've installed Asus' software (PC Probe II) and it notes that the motherboard temperature is below threshold (33C or so) but it won't drop the an speed from 2,800rpm. It's therefore very loud.

Is there a way of getting the fan to kick in only when needed, or otherwise slow down? I had assumed this is what PC Probe II was meant to do, is this just a monitoring programme and should I seek to control fan speed elsewhere?

All advice gratefully received.