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    Default new computer

    hey im new here just wondering if people think this new upgrade will be an improvement:

    i currently have:
    P4v88+ via PT880 and vt8237 chipsets
    9800 pro agp
    2.8ghz p4 socket 478
    maxtor 6L080MO 80gb SATA
    512mb ram DDR pc2100
    300W budget psu

    going to get:
    E6300 Core 2 duo
    this mbord:
    jus wonderign what ppl think of this mbord
    160 gb seagate SATA 2
    new cooler master psu 380 watt
    same ram same gfx
    all of ebuyer will this b an improvement or not
    thanks for your help in advance

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    Thats a cable ?!



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